Breastfeeding Classes & Postnatal Support

What you need to know to get breastfeeding or chestfeeding off to the best start

Breastfeeding is the natural, physiological norm for feeding babies, so why can it sometimes seem so hard? We no longer live in a tribe with our mothers, sisters and aunts, so we rarely see what breastfeeding looks like when it's going well.  Coupled with a medical system that can work against the natural instincts of babies and mothers and a chronic lack of postnatal support, is it any wonder that two-thirds of parents report that they stopped breastfeeding before they wanted to.

The breastfeeding  workshop is for parents who are planning to or are considering breast or chest feeding and their supporters. We will look at the physiology of breastfeeding - how it works, how to spot when things are going well (and when more help may be needed), and address common worries and problems. You will leave with a secure understanding of how to get off to a great start with breastfeeding and where to go for support if you hit bumps in the road. 

Led by an experienced doula who is a trained breastfeeding counsellor and who works in a voluntary capacity on the national breastfeeding helpline, in local group and hospital settings. 

Find breastfeeding support for free, including links to all the national helplines here.

Breastfeeding training:
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers: Breastfeeding Counsellor

Peer Supporter training with Cambridgeshire council

Baby Friendly Initiative training at the Rosie Hospital

Tongue Tie Study Day with Sarah Oakley

Group preparation for breastfeeding / chestfeeding sessions  £35/pregnant woman or person (partners / supporters are welcomed for free)

NEXT CLASS: Sunday 18th March, 10-12  via Zoom

Postnatal support video call whilst you are in hospital or at home £50

Caroline is extremely knowledgable and helped me immensely with a breastfeeding class! She gave me the confidence to believe in myself in those tough beginning weeks. The class was honest and gave me a realistic outlook on what I needed to expect on my breastfeeding journey, 3 months in and i am still exclusively breastfeeding and thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you. Terri