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Caroline is everything I imagined I would want from a doula: supportive, caring and knowledgeable. She really went that extra mile beforehand to ensure we were totally comfortable and prepared for the home birth of our first child, taking the time to know our birth plan, understanding our wishes and I 100% trusted her to be on hand with support and expert advice on the big day.
Our baby came 11 days early and Caroline was there with us immediately, honestly I can't imagine my labour without her, she knew exactly what to do and because the midwives came quite late it was Caroline who me and partner leaned on literally for everything from the start of my labour, communicating with the midwives and up to tucking us up in bed with our beautiful baby boy in the early hours.
I couldn't recommend Caroline enough, I felt like I'd known her for years and that made me feel so comfortable and am so glad she was there for our birth. Thank you! xx

Caroline has been with us as a Night Nanny looking after our Son for the last 3 months. Caroline has been absolutely amazing and a rock to me during this time. She has managed to get our little one into a great routine and is now pretty much sleeping through the night.
We’re going to miss her but hope we can all stay in touch. Emma, 2nd time mum

"We have especially valued Caroline’s previous life experience in working with a wide range of young children in an educational context.  Her understanding of children’s behaviour and psychology really helped us support our young boys through the transition to having a new member of the family.  This expertise was such a valuable addition to the ‘traditional’ doula support around the newborn baby. Caroline also has experience in working with twins which was important to us given the specific and unique challenges that come with twins."

Mum to three, Cambridge

Caroline was a blessing for my partner and I as well as our son. Her support was monumental it helped us to remain focused during a testing time. I would recommend her assistance to anyone who feels they would benefit from a helping hand during labour. Not only is Caroline professional and great at her job but she is a lovely lady, strong and gentle, kind and dedicated. Thank you for blessing us with your soul for what was such a significant experience for us. Mel, 2nd time mum

Caroline was a life saver for myself and my partner, but especially for our little man who is 1 week old. As new parents we were stuck in the first week fog of lack of sleep and the overwhelming feeling of ‘are we doing this right’ ?? In 2 hours Caroline made us feel like we were winning. She left us with techniques for feeding, sleeping, soothing, changing and confidence as parents that we could do this! After our first night of more than an hour's sleep I have to say we owe that to Caroline. I couldn’t recommend her enough to others, as she was recommended to us. If you know new parents who need confirmation that all will be ok, just like us, then Caroline is your person. Knowledgable, non judgmental and caring to our needs she provided us with an essential starter pack! She’s even accessible through Whatsapp for my many questions! Thank you so much for your guidance and continued support! Louise, 1st time mum

"What a wonderful, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive doula! I couldn't have asked for anything more, Caroline was amazing went above and beyond to help me through the last stages of pregnancy and labour offered expert advice and support and made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed during my quite traumatic labour constantly reassuring me and comforting me. Her ongoing support and aftercare is fantastic also. Would highly recommend this lady I can not sing her praises high enough for all she has done for me and my newborn.  Thank you Caroline xx"

Sam, new mum

We had Caroline for five weeks, in between help from family, from the time my twin girls were three weeks past their due date. The first day she arrived I shoved two babies at her so I could take my eldest to nursery, and for the next few weeks, she took our morning chaos in stride. Most mornings, I would do the nursery run, feed the girls and take a nap. Caroline would tidy, do laundry, prep food or do other miscellaneous tasks and, once those were completed, she'd hang out with the girls until I woke up.

Having help from Caroline made the difference between just coping and having a life - we were able to prioritise sleep and socialising instead of laundry, and it was hugely helpful to have another pair of hands in the morning when I had doctors appointments or other time-sensitive things to worry about - she once brought me nipple shields at the GP so I could feed the girls after immunisations, for example. I am so glad we had her, and in fact I have asked her to come back a couple times a week after my parents leave next month.
Franny - mum to twins and a toddler

We strongly recommend Caroline as a doula. She was the best help staying with me during nights at the hospital, helping with our new born daughter. She would change her, put her to sleep, bring me water or tea, talk to the midwifes when I needed something and she also gave me invaluable emotional support and knowledgeable advice. She is caring and warm, and a fun person to talk to while trying to stay awake during the night feeds. She is brillant! Beatriz, 2nd time mum

"I don't know how I could have managed my pregnancy and birth without Caroline. Her presence was reassuring and she understood every stage and what to expect next. I have no hesitation in recommending whatsoever."

Rend Platings, mother to Samantha

I highly recommend Doula MamaBaba! Our doula has made a huge impact in our household! it's like having a baby expert, trusted childcare, household support, and executive assistant all in one!

We engaged our doula post-natally, and within a very short time, she's really helped us to have much more quality time together, to feel more comfortable and relaxed in our daily family life. It makes a huge difference --- rather than worrying, juggling, and troubleshooting, I feel like we are enjoying early parenthood far more!

Vivian, new mum

"You were my amazing birthing partner for the best part of 23 hours, and you held my precious Lottie Lou for those first 4 hours at the hospital while all I could do was fall into an exhausted sleep... not to mention the endless back massages during labour and everything else. If there's a great doula out there she is definitely you!"

FloraMay Waterhouse, mother to Lottie Lou

Caroline is WONDERFUL. She is warm and caring and found to be fun by children and adults alike. As support for a first time mom Caroline has been amazing. She is wonderful to be around and is fabulous with my little girl. She has helped with day time care while I sleep and has stayed overnight. Caroline not only helped care for my little one (who giggles continuously with her), but she also gave me so much support, helping restore sanity to my home and guiding me around age appropriate developmental games and toys (including home made ones). I have learned a tremendous amount from her. Caroline is knowledgeable and is current on all research baby-related. We've discussed many topics including sleeping, breastfeeding, development and picking a Nanny. Caroline presents accepted guidelines, facts, current research and risks. From there I have been able to make informed decisions based on fact, intuition and my child's temperament. I've been grateful to be able to text Caroline in between visits and receive tremendous and quick support. It has been invaluable to have a her support at home and a trusted resource for questions. I recommend Caroline without reservation and would be happy to chat to anyone considering working with her. I have loved getting to know her, as has my little girl, and know we will be in touch for a long time. Dalia, 1st time mum

Caroline was an absolute life-saver as our post natal doula. We first contacted her when our baby daughter was a week old as we were desperately struggling with the sleep deprivation, troubles feeding, generally not knowing what we were doing and particularly exhausted after a difficult labour. She came for an initial 4 nights and we found her so helpful we asked her to come about 3 nights a week for the next 3 months or so! Caroline stayed overnight with us and helped me breastfeed so I could sleep between feeds. She took full charge of our baby (so winding, settling, changing nappies, working out when to feed etc) as well as supporting me with breastfeeding itself, but most importantly she helped us establish a sustainable way of handling the nights so we learnt a good rhythm and some good habits for when she wasn't there. Having someone in your house overnight is very intimate so it was a relief that Caroline was so friendly and easy to get on with it. I also found Caroline to be extremely well informed with lots of experience and having read lots of research but she was also very non-judgmental and supportive- being able to ask her all sorts of questions and having her reassurance has been a great source of help and comfort as a first-time mum! My only regrets are that we didn't contact her sooner and that we didn't have her as a birth doula- if there is a next time we shall be asking to book her immediately.  Ellen & Henry, new parents

"As a first time mom, I had my twins at 32 weeks and they spent a long time on the NICU. Caroline's steadfast support and encouragement was absolutely invaluable, both in terms of practical help and helping build our self-confidence as new parents to two tiny babies who came home on feeding tubes and had no idea how to cope. We couldn't have done it without Caroline's help!"

Mareike A, mother to M & T

Caroline was fantastic. She stayed with us as our maternity nurse when the twins were 3 weeks old and by the time she left we were all feeling much more confident about everything! I was a bit apprehensive about having someone stay in our house but Caroline felt like part of family from the beginning. She was so helpful with everything, not just the twins. She cooked us delicious meals and was always on top of laundry, bottle sterilising etc. Caroline helped me with the twins feeding, getting a better position and also tandem feeding. Caroline was also great with my 1 year old and he was quite happy playing with her if I was having a nap or tending to the twins. Caroline and I worked really well together as a team, and Caroline always respected my opinion and was also able to answer our many (many!) questions! Caroline was always so calm and smiley! Thanks again Caroline for all your help! Clare, mum to twins and a 1 year old