"In 2 hours Caroline made us feel like we were winning. She left us with techniques for feeding, sleeping, soothing, changing and confidence as parents that we could do this! After our first night of more than an hour's sleep I have to say we owe that to Caroline." Louise

Would you like a hands-on 'orientation' session about life with your newborn to 6 month old baby? I cover topics such as feeding,  sleep, sling use and queries specific to your baby during a 'Baby Steps' session in your home or via Zoom. You will receive written information to remind you of the techniques or information discussed, and with some options I can be available to you for a month via email or WhatsApp for follow up support.

I am able to offer regular support sessions for new parents to help them navigate the tricky first few weeks.

Tailored to your particular situation, we can discuss:

  • Infant feeding - breast or chest feeding, formula or mixed
  • How to get a great start to breastfeeding, latch, positioning and local support groups
  • How to safely make up formula feeds
  • Nappy changing (cloth or disposable), baby poo - what's normal
  • Baby sleep - what's normal and tips to help baby settle
  • Co-sleeping or bed sharing
  • Bathing baby
  • Swaddling
  • Sling use and carrying baby
  • Sources of support, local groups and contacts
  • Your birth experience
  • Or anything else you'd like to know or talk about...


Choose from one off, regular or daily support options delivered by Zoom:

One off:
60 minute breastfeeding support session: £50 
2 hour support session including written follow up report and guidance:  £100

Support for a month (includes Whatsapp messaging between sessions):
4 x 30 min sessions : £150
4 x 60 minute sessions: £250
10 x 30 minute sessions : £350
20 x 30 minute support sessions : £450

Gift Vouchers

Baby Steps  vouchers are a thoughtful gift to yourself, or for a family who are expecting or who have a new baby (0-4 months old). Please contact Caroline to check for her availability around the baby's expected arrival as these sessions are best taken in the first month at home.  They come with an E-certificate if they are purchased as a gift. 

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