Testimonials - sleep & parenting support

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"Caroline is fantastic and helped us immensely with our youngest and his sleep patterns She has a scientific and pragmatic approach and very clearly knows her field and takes a deep interest in it. Her evident expertise is combined with a very down to earth and kindly approach to an issue that requires science and knowledge to be successful, but is emotionally fraught as well. This is sleep science delivered with a heart - basically what every strung out parent needs! Thoroughly recommend her service" Ben

"Caroline gave us all the tools to work on our baby's sleep in a gentle way - she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject and has gone to great lengths to support us as we were working through sleep deprivation. Our baby now sleeps 7h stretches and we have a comprehensive plan to help him sleep more independently in the long term. I would highly recommend her."  Charlotte

"We asked Caroline to help us with sleep training our twin boys, aged 10 months. After visiting us at home Caroline made some detailed recommendations for diet and activities, which were very useful. Caroline also suggested some techniques to help one of our boys overcome his anxiety over bedtime separation, which eventually and to our great relief worked. Caroline was very generous with her time and support and was always available for advice and encouragement. Thank you Caroline! " Olga & Colin

"Caroline was a pleasure to deal with. We had a 6 month old who was allergic to sleep (as was his big sister, who didnt sleep for more than an hour at a time until 16 months old - we wanted to tackle this one sooner), surviving on 2 or 3 30 min naps a day and up between 6-10 times per night.Caroline came to meet us and we signed up to a month of support. Caroline was approachable, professional and friendly - as well as being available on messenger much more than she should have.It was definitely not a magic fix (she never said it would be and actually warned us against expecting miracles) but hes much improved, day time sleeps he now has a total of 2.5-3 hours over 2 naps and is now going to bed better and waking less in the evenings as he's not overtired. We're continuing to work hard on his night sleep, using the information we have learnt from Caroline." Abi

"Caroline’s help has been invaluable. When we first contacted her, our 10 month old was waking up a minimum of 4 times a night and we were exhausted. Dinner time was a mess too! Caroline was very perceptive in figuring out what was going wrong and gave us a range of quick fixes and strategies for longer term improvements. We saw the results straight away and in less than two weeks he was waking up only once or twice a night and was a happy person in the evenings. It was transformational! I would highly recommend Caroline for her excellent knowledge and analysis of sleep patterns and her very capable and sensitive guidance throughout." Deirdre

In 2 hours Caroline made us feel like we were winning. She left us with techniques for feeding, sleeping, soothing, changing and confidence as parents that we could do this! After our first night of more than an hour's sleep I have to say we owe that to Caroline."  Louise & Jon

"Caroline was a lifesaver when our little one would only sleep on me during the first six weeks. At three months our little one now plays and naps comfortably during the day and almost sleeps through the night." Emma & John

"Caroline has been absolutely amazing and a rock to me during this time. She has managed to get our little one into a great routine and is now pretty much sleeping through the night.  We’re going to miss her but hope we can all stay in touch." Emma

"Caroline is knowledgeable and is current on all research baby-related. I have learned a tremendous amount from her. We've discussed many topics including sleeping, breastfeeding and development. Caroline presents accepted guidelines, facts, current research and risks. From there I have been able to make informed decisions based on fact, intuition and my child's temperament." Dalia