Maternity Nurse, Night Nanny, Doula

Live in or live out support with your newborn

*update Jan 2022: I am not currently offering maternity nurse or regular night nanny support due to other commitments.

"Caroline’s enabling approach is to coach rather than simply do things for you which really helps you to feel you ‘can do this’!" Ellen

If you feel that you would like to have regular or live in support in the first weeks of parenthood, then doula, maternity nurse or night nanny support may be right for you. I can help you to adjust to parenthood through offering full time practical support and emotional care tailored to suit you. I can help by giving you time with your newborn by making you meals, caring for your other children or helping with light housework and take care of all the baby's laundry and any sterilising and bottle care if expressing or formula feeding. If you are breast or chest feeding, I offer one to one support and guidance - invaluable for the evening cluster feeding or at 3am when baby seems to have forgotten how to latch on. 

I can sleep with the baby/ies or in the room with you and the baby/ies and either care for them as sole charge through the night or bring your baby/ies to you for feeds if you are breast or chest feeding. All the changing, winding, settling and walking up and down corridors is done whilst you sleep. When working 24 hours, I take a 4 hour break to rest, and for the rest of the day I am on hand to look after you and your baby/ies either as sole charge or as guidance beside you as you grow into parenthood. 

"Caroline was fantastic.  I was a bit apprehensive about having someone stay in our house but Caroline felt like part of family from the beginning.  She was so helpful with everything, not just the twins. She cooked us delicious meals and was always on top of laundry, bottle sterilising etc. Caroline helped me with the twins feeding, getting a better position and also tandem feeding.  Caroline and I worked really well together as a team, and Caroline always respected my opinion and was also able to answer our many (many!) questions! Caroline was always so calm and smiley! Thanks again Caroline for all your help!"  Clare

 "Caroline was the best help staying with me during nights at the hospital, helping with our new born daughter. She would change her, put her to sleep, bring me water or tea, talk to the midwives when I needed something and she also gave me invaluable emotional support and knowledgeable advice. She is caring and warm, and a fun person to talk to while trying to stay awake during the night feeds. She is brilliant!" Beatriz


"Caroline helped make me feel cared for and exceeded my expectation – it was nice to feel that someone was supporting my needs at a time that I was so focused on everyone else!" Anna

Things I might do as your doula or maternity nurse:

  • Support you in feeding your baby
  • Help with light household tasks
  • Make sure you are looking after yourself
  • Help with older children whilst you are in the house so you can have time with the baby(ies)
  • Help with the baby(ies) so that you can have time to yourself or with older children
  • Walk the dog or feed the cat
  • Help you to learn how to care for your newborn by yourself
  • Support with baby sleep including care all through the night
Things I might do at night:
  • Sleep with the baby/ies tending to all their needs throughout the night (typically 10pm-7am)
  • Bring baby/ies to you if you are breast or chest feeding and offer trained support at each feed
  • Feed babies who are using bottles or formula milk and sterilise all equipment ready for the morning
  • Change, wind and settle babies so that you can sleep
  • Look after you and your baby/ies whilst you are staying in hospital

Things I don't do:

  • Offer clinical or medical support
  • Tell you how you should parent


Hourly rate: £25 (minimum 20h booking, 3h+ shifts, or 8h+ overnight)*
24h rate: £350, reducing for long bookings*

*Plus travel from Cambridge

You might also want to consider virtual support via Zoom

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